Ignacio’s Sexual Assault Conviction Remains.


On February 3rd, 2021, a trial judge dismissed Kenneth Ignacio's request to re-examine his sexual assault conviction. In April 2017, Mr. Ignacio and S.H, the victim, had met at a concert and afterwards kept in contact. S.H. stated that she liked Ignacio and a few days later she attended Ignacio’s cousin’s barbecue. Ignacio was really drunk when S.H. arrived, and when it was time to leave S.H. offered to drive him home. During the drive home, S.H. pulled over and they started kissing and performed consensual oral sex on each other. Ignacio then asked to have sex with S.H. and she said no, but he then forced himself on her. She tried to resist but he held her arms down, she stopped resisting and Mr. Ignacio orgasmed inside of her. She immediately went to the pharmacy, where Ignacio insisted he go with her, and she purchased and took the morning after pill. The following day she went to the hospital to get a rape kit done and reported the assault to the police. Ignacio claims that the vaginal penetration was consensual. However, based on his admitted level of intoxication that night, the judge found that Ignacio’s claim lacked credibility. On March 7th, 2019, Ignacio was found guilty of sexual assault and since, has been trying to get the decision reviewed.

Consent must be granted for each sexual act. A victim’s credibility is not hindered if they previously participated in consensual sexual acts with the same person. If you have been sexually assaulted contact us so we can help you get the justice, you deserve. We hear you; we see you; we will fight for you.

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