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Wameed Ateyah- York region doctor fcing additional sexual assault charges

02 October, 2020

Wameed Ateyah

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CTV News reported that Wameed Ateyah a Toronto doctor accused of sexually assaulting patients over a decade is facing 20 new sexual assault charges.

49-year-old Dr. Ateyah was first charged in August with sexually assaulting two patients. Wameed Ateyah is now facing a total of 27 sexual assault charges.

Toronto Police said that the 11 individuals involved in the latest charges were also patients of Dr. Ateyah. Police say all victims alleged similar experiences of being sexually assaulted during appointments. One of them was 17 years old at the time of the alleged incident. Police expressed concerns there may be more victims. They’re asking any other potential victims to come forward.

If you have a complaint against Dr. Wameed Ateyah or are a victim of sexual assault in Ontario, please contact us. We can help.