Private information about more than 100 military sex misconduct claimants leaked

June 15, 2022

Sexual Misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces

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Epiq Class Action Services Canada, the firm overseeing the federal government’s $900-million settlement deal with military members who experienced sexual misconduct in uniform, admitted to more privacy breaches after a third veteran reported a breach despite repeated promises to have fixed the problem.

A veteran said he feels betrayed and worried that his personal information has been sent to other members.

Epiq has apologized for the errors and promised to take appropriate disciplinary and procedural steps to ensure more claimants are not affected. A panel of claimants, attorneys and government officials has since ordered an independent audit of Epiq’s claims process.

Jonathan Ptak, a lawyer who is representing several veterans and active service members in the three legal actions that the government has resolved, said the audit has started, but Epiq’s promises to address the problem and the decision to order an audit didn’t prevent the latest breach, which brings the total number of claimants whose confidential information has been compromised to 109.
As part of the class action lawsuit settlement, over 20,000 individuals have applied for compensation, but the firm has not responded to requests for further information.

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