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Rick Chiarelli- Ottawa City Councillor is accused of making sexual remarks.

12 September, 2019

Rick Chiarelli

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CBC reported that a woman has filed a complaint against Councillor Rick Chiarelli stating that councillor asked her inappropriate questions during a job interview, including if she is willing to go braless to work.

The woman also alleged that during the interview Chiarelli showed her a picture of a former employee in a revealing dress. Then the councillor asked her if she would be comfortable wearing similar kinds of dresses?

On 26 September, CBC reported that 6 more women have come forward and accused Councillor Rick Chiarelli of making sexual comments, asking them inappropriate questions in the interview and pressuring them to wear revealing clothes.

One woman alleged Chiarelli asked her in an interview if she is willing to wear short skirts and heels.

Another says Chiarelli took her to the strip clubs to sign up volunteers. She also alleged that Chiarelli would make inappropriate comments and claimed that he has seen nude photos of former employees.

Chiarelli is one of the longest-serving municipal politicians of the Ottawa City Council and the second cousin of former Ottawa mayor Bob Chiarelli.

If you have a complaint against Councillor Rick Chiarelli, please contact us. We can help.