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Ontario teen sues hockey camp, former campers over alleged sexual assault

August 8, 2022
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Global News reported that an Ontario teen is suing Eagle Crest Resorts and four former campers over an alleged sexual assault six years ago.

The teen said he was held down by other campers and assaulted with a broom while looking for his friends. He recalled being put in a room with the other campers and having to talk about the incident.

The following day, the teen said the “head of the camp” advised the campers that their parents had been informed about the incident. The teen said the impact of the alleged assault has been long-lasting and life-altering.

The parents of a teen who was held down and assaulted by a group of boys with a broom said they never received a phone call from the camp and only discovered what had happened after prying open their son for information.

The teen’s father and mother are suing the camp where his son was assaulted. The lawyer says the camp failed to notify the parents and the police were not called.

The teen’s parents said that they were notified by police six months after their initial complaint, and that criminal charges would not be pursued.They said there was clear evidence of criminal conduct, but the police did not lay charges.

A father and mother said there has to be some accountability for this and that the old school playbook of deny, divert and discredit must be tossed out.

In its statement of defence, Eagle Crest Resorts said that a counsellor heard some noise coming from cabin “X” and suspected some horseplay. The camp said that four boys were gently struck/poked with a broom but denied any sexual assault or physical assault.

The victim’s mother said her son’s courage was admirable because it’s only when we are vocal that things change.

If you are a victim of sexual assault in Ontario, please contact us. We can help.