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Donald Yeoman:A former teacher’s license has been temporarily revoked for professional misconduct

May 18, 2022

Donald Yeoman

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Donald Yeoman, a former Clarke Road Secondary School teacher has been suspended for professional misconduct with female colleagues.

Donald Yeoman allegedly shared details of his personal relationship with a colleague, asked a sexual question, asked another colleague to sit on his lap, commented on the same colleague’s breasts, blocked a doorway of third colleague so that she couldn’t get through, pulled a chair out from under a fourth colleague, blocked the sixth colleague from exiting bathroom, pushed his groin into sixth colleague buttocks area.

In May 2018, the Thames Valley District School Board fired Yeoman after allegations of sexual abuse against seven female colleagues.

As a result of the Ontario College of Teachers’ disciplinary hearing, he will have his teaching qualifications and registration suspended for five months.

If you have a complaint against Donald Yeoman or are a victim of sexual assault in Ontario, please contact us. We can help.