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Athletics Canada suspended Ottawa's longtime coaches

06 May, 2019

Andy Mclnnis and Ken Porter

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CBC reported that Athletics Canada suspended Ottawa’s head coach Andy McInnis and the chair, Ken Porter, over multiple sexual harassment accusations. Both the accused are banned from sports for a lifetime by Athletics Canada.

Andy Mclnnis, the head coach of the Ottawa Lions club is accused of sexually harassing a female athlete while giving her a massage. The alleged incident believed to happen in 2012 when the female athlete got injured during a tournament. According to Athletics Canada’s commissioner, Frank Fowlie- Mclnnis has a history of sexually assaulting female athletes.

Ken Porter, is accused of sexual assault by nine men, who were minor at the time. Victims allege that Porter sexually interfered with them and assault them while giving them massages.

Mclnnis and Porter were suspended in March by Athletics Canada following the investigation of sexual assault allegations.

If you have a complaint against coach Andy McInnis and Ken Porter or are a victim of sexual abuse in Ontario, please contact us. We can help.